Hooked: unHooked.

Posted on November 7, 2014


So I’m reading along in Hooked and he’s talking about how people will not leave one product they’re used to for another, even if it’s just as good. His example? Bing vs. Google. He says that if I’m skeptical that GOogle is habit forming, I should try Bing, becaues the products are nearly identical.
Well, you know what? I stopped trying Bing because the results, consistently, were not what I wanted.
Hey, he’s got a footnote there. Who’s found the identical products?
Three guesses, and the first two don’t count…. yea. Bing.

You know what? You can find somebody online whom you can cite who’ll say just about anything. And maybe they were getting the identical results when they were, erm, using Google themselves. If you’re going to speak it as truth (especially in the second person, informing me of the experience I am destined to have) I would encourage finding an at least slightly independent source.

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