Reading Hooked

Posted on November 6, 2014


Reading Hooked by Nir Eyal, about how to build habit-forming products.

He describes taking his morning run … in the evening… and ending up telling people good morning and going home and shaving because those actions were habits.

It occurs to me that subtle automatic habits underpin our creative efforts and, because they’re automatic, we can be creative.  Okay, I knew that already; it’s why it’s hard to learn **anything at all** if things are going too fast, but suddenly we get intelligent if we back off a little.

However, there are academic routines that are automatic for those of us, but not so for others.   They’re so automatic that … I can’t even really tell you what they are.   Instead of trying to parse them out, I’m going to try to make that an equalizing experience.   My lessons will have a habit-forming part (like getting Tetris started) … that *everybody* has to get used to, but there will be a structured part that is the same.

I also found a cool tutorial via my WordPress reader at  ….  seems actionscropt 3 will do things w/ javascript?   Will dabble tonight, but right *now* it’s quiet, and time to Eclipse.

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