I can take a hint…

Posted on November 2, 2014


tl;dr Got some stuff to work, and then weird stuff happened, prob’ly because of the PITA that assorted versions of Eclipse provide.

I got inheritance to work again; had to start from scratch, but changed tactics and duplicated my “child” (more specific) version of my number line to the parent, and then deleted all of the “specifics” from the “child” first.

Before I’d swapped things out but hadn’t deleted everything which I suspect meant some variable changes did fatal things. I also double checked on the accessors and mutators – if I don’t have specific functions to change a value in my display, I can’t do it from the activity… so I can’t change the numbers displayed on the number line.

Then I thought I’d try to add my “explain” activity. Hint one: I followed all the little cues … and got strings and reams of read error messages as if it didn’t really exist. Silly me, I just went to the copy I’d made before embarking on that adventure and… tested it … and now when I try to get the animation to happen, it counts one, two… n-1… and stops there. Oh, UNTIL I click “back” or something else. Then it flashes the last, correct display at me.

So I commented out the animation … and now it won’t display the first number at all… until I click to do something else.

*Maybe* it’s because I also figured out that the reason I couldn’t see the “layout display” in eclipse — that “Android 5.0 didn’t load properly” which is prob’ly ’cause I’m in Juno (wondering if — but FIGHTING temptation to look and waste a few more hours — there’s actually a way to upgrade as opposed to downloading everything, all over again)… but when I told Eclipse to target 19 yay! I could see the layout.

I can take a hint. Housekeeping beckons! Need to return those shoes to LL BEan (size 8 not wide enough ?!??).

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