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Structures and stuff

November 24, 2014


Wandered over to teh BrightSpace (a.k.a. Desire2Learn or D2L, a.k.a. “Cobra Learning”) site and found several webinar recordings that should be useful in using those pointy gamy things for the MOOCulations course.  The one in Georgia described the students not getting on board right away, which inspired him to add “Grinders” — repetitive tasks that […]

Adobe…Flash… grrrreeennn….

November 23, 2014


So. I was SO proud of myself — I dove back into Flash which I haven’t looked at in months or a year and made an adorable animation of a key, with its labels, breaking into parts and floating back togehter. Well, all well and good, and it *did* take about two hours which I […]

attribute creative commons photos

November 22, 2014


99% aren’t done properly; I tried to in our college blog entry, and hope the trimming done by the folks in marketing didn’t lump it into that 99%.

Hmmm…. rethinking structures of lessons

November 22, 2014


When I was a ferocious Language Fundamentals teacher, each class was scheduled a whole lot like swim team practice… warm up, some technique work, some real exertion, and a cool down. Not exactly, of course, but our 50 minutes had chunks with patterns. What is the effect of the way students are learning on stuff […]

“Felt like I was cheating”

November 18, 2014


One of my regulars came down, walking on air, because she has, indeed, continued a pattern of performance.  Her exam grades in pre-algebra have been an F, D, C and… this time, a B. We work at post-mortems here, especially with successes.   It’s okay to say you did well because you had a good […]

Too Many Options!

November 16, 2014


Last weekend was fairly frantic, what with breakfast out and Cranksgiving and focusing on the app on Sunday. That meant I never got to the little tutorial on javascript that I had found… … but last week I played with the app a *little* — but it’s time to make the most quizlike, most interactive […]

quick idea

November 12, 2014


… I need a notebook for all of these… … watching a student wade through conversions from cups to quarts, it’s clear that four cups in a quart is an idea entirely separate from there being 2 cups in a pint and two pints in a quart.   It might be worth having a bunch […]

Stack Overflow

November 10, 2014


Well, I finally posted a question that was DEEMED UNWORTHY. I had wondered why my questions hadn’t been. SO I’m back to a rep of 1 and … disinclined to frequent the site and play their games. I mean, if one of the jerks there decides to downvote, you’re back to “no privileges.” I recognize […]


November 9, 2014


I follow Justin Reich on Twitter ’cause he hosted the #mtt2k contest in 2012, where people entered videos that critiqued Khan Academy videos. ( has the whole story). So when he posted that his current adventures in a MOOC about technology and innovation in education included an “unhangout,” I snuck over and unhung. I […]

“fault resistant” enhancements

November 7, 2014


There is a flavor of “no excuses” that i will vouch for… and that’s when it really reduces the number of excuses students could use for not learning (instead of simply making students responsible for thigns that they may or may not have any control over and weeding out those who don’t manage). In our pre-pre-algebra […]