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Yes! The Bar counts itself!

October 23, 2014


Okay, there are things to figure out… but I got my app so that if I enter a number to “show” on the number line, it will count itself forward. It’s got to be an integer at this point, which I think is okay. I heeded the advice of pskink at StackOverflow as far as […]

“same idea, different name” — little more info

October 21, 2014


Before the long part, one thing that one of my students invented that I share to do is to draw a little jiggly line down the page from the equals sign where students would be writing the steps.   I also dramatize the idea of it being like a “balance.”   I know a teacher […]

ye olde struggle bus…

October 20, 2014


It would be really good to animate my “number line view” in android. Alas, this isn’t something people *do* for regular things.  Well, actually, two people did in other stackoverflow questions — one didn’t get an answer (another rank newbie) and the other got an answer that worked …. but it was far too cryptic […]

Time to go from Indigo to Juno

October 18, 2014


… yea, the rest of the world is on Luna. I guess it’s probably a good thing that I already made it impossible to use my old environment from this computer except through the flash drive, so I’m not endangering anything. At any rate, I”m at the “takes an hour” part of the downloading all […]


October 16, 2014

0  I think I’m just as glad I was over in a Developmental Ed meeting when this was live, tho’ had I remembered it I could have been watching it… 18 minutes in and the emphasis is about what an awesome, awesome potential these free, open educational resources have for … sharing worksheets and handouts […]

more about struggling and juggling

October 15, 2014


So I’m wrestling with my little app… I’ve got it down to basically one or two lines of code that I need to figure out where to put. I’m following the advice I’d give me if I were a student and I’m walking away when it gets too convoluted… and yes, I walked away and […]

Observations of struggle…

October 14, 2014


The latest humor in the room is the student who has updated her Facebook status to indicate that she is “in a relationship” with ALEKS, since she spends so much time with “him.”   They had some arguments today… Another student has a pretty good grasp of things … but still looks at word problems […]