Oh, well…

Posted on October 31, 2014


Silly me.   Somebody was getting the same error message as I and asked for advice on StackOverflow … and the suggestion was to go to “project” and click on “clean.”

Well, I’m cleaned out, all right.  It’s removed basic … I don’t have the vocabulary, but… libraries of stuff or somethign.   I’m going to have to do all of this, all over again — which was totally find for the first time but… I learned it now; it’s typing, typing, typing.   On the other hand, it’s a *relatively* cheap “actually, following advice from stackOverFlow *can* be fatal” lesson; it’s one hour of re-type.

The other pain in the rear reminder, of course, is that no, I have no way of communicating anything about that; no, anything but reading is reserved to the elite.

… I did manage to figure out the issue; I had tried to keep my package names consistent so I’d changed a  thing named project 2b to resourceroom.  I’m going to just have to assume that when the app gets *built* it doesn’t have that stamp; that the app name doesn’t see that even though it looks like a package.

(I’m mildly astounded that I found it.   I should probably just hang around here… I’m sort of on a roll, though I  perhaps finding errors I made quickly isn’t really a “roll…”)

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