The mother lode or the other node…

Posted on October 27, 2014


Well, the ‘mother lode’ isn’t going to be a direct hit. Hopefully I can figure out my “SharedPreferences” problems … but I spent most of the day getting other things done while things reloaded, since things are just structured in ways that don’t work on my Eclipse and I’m thinking it’s because I’m still in Indigo on the flash drive… except now it’s been “contaminated” wiht my attempts to revise things and it’s in the “no, you have to update your emulator so it won’t work” and “no, you can’t update your emulator — it’s already the most recent one.”
It’s time to organize things, anyway: I need to break the app into smaller pieces and be thinking of the course, not just this one app. Time to animate simple addition and subtraction … that will build to the mroe abstract things. Time to figure out my launching icon…

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