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Posted on October 24, 2014


Okay, my favorite of the available resources for teaching math to my basic folks is Modumath ( http://www.modumath.org ) … but our tech folks are trying to revive it and, in the meantime, someone posted that the reason she got “honors” ranking on the GED was http://www.greenemath.com so I am checking it out.

I’m delighted this is out there, especially while our Modumath is ailing…but now back to mine, in which I hope to have much more abject absurdity.   I walked by the Turtle’s 3D animation class the other day and a big ol’ slide was up with suggestions for projects, and the first one (I read fast, but I walk fast, too) was to animate a fork that did not wish to be washed.   Yes,  I want that kind of thing in my math lessons 🙂

So, diving into “adding whole numbers” — nice, clean format.   Nice speed, though the videos are much, much too long between interactions… and I can’t get the video to roll in Chrome on my computer but that is likely to be my (also running Eclipse and… and… and… ) issue.

Little con:   to me, it doesn’t make sense to go through a problem adding numbers on a number line… without the number line, and *then* bring up a number line to show me.   Not a big deal, though.

A slightly bigger deal is bothering to tell me that of *course* I know how to add. Why say that?   Either I do or I don’t.   If I don’t, you’ve just called me an idiot… and the video’s already too long.

Big plus:   the adding is done with teh same language as would make sense with integers — we’re “putting things together.” I also like his suggestion to just *find* the first addend on the numberline rather than count on up or down.

Another big plus:   clarifying why we’ll line up the numbers when we do “vertical addition” – we’re “adding like” and lining up by place value, tho’ I’d have snuck in that by moving over the number you’re changing 91 to 91 (but then my movie would be too long ;)).

And carrying — I like the idea that “can’t fit 12 in the one’s place.”

Another little deficit is just chopping off at the end.   I rather liked the way (I think it was ) mathantics.com always went back and reviewed the big ideas conveyed in the movie.

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