Yes! The Bar counts itself!

Posted on October 23, 2014


Okay, there are things to figure out… but I got my app so that if I enter a number to “show” on the number line, it will count itself forward. It’s got to be an integer at this point, which I think is okay. I heeded the advice of pskink at StackOverflow as far as which direction to go… and then did–mobile-15022 which was kinda cool anyway… and then messed around for several hours figuring out what to put where.

Um, yes, this would go better if I knew somebody who could nudge me in the right direction more often…

I’m going to give the “SharedPreferences” thing another try — without making a “ListView.” I *think* there’s a tutsplus that’ll do that part, too… and I think I’ll move to InMOtion who are offering a year’s subscription there, and … I might leave behind for a while.

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