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Posted on October 20, 2014


It would be really good to animate my “number line view” in android.

Alas, this isn’t something people *do* for regular things.  Well, actually, two people did in other stackoverflow questions — one didn’t get an answer (another rank newbie) and the other got an answer that worked …. but it was far too cryptic for me.

So I’ve got much less cryptic directions:   “create a ValueAnimator, setDuration(), and call start(), in onAnimationUpdate call invalidate() to force onDraw() to be called.”   I so almost almost almost get it… and am utterly certain that if I could see an example, I could make the connections and learn it. I know this.  It’s one ninety-thousand-pound truckload of bananas more efficient than “you figure it out,” because while I”m less likely now to make the (more typical of my students) syntactical errors that take forever to fix and in the meantime you can’t be thinking about this more advance stuff, it is taking a boatload of time to find out the syntax that I don’t know at all.   So I have to go find some other kind of addingListener to see if it becomes an inner class … I have to figure out whether I am adding a listener that is something *I* make or if it’s something that Android has built in things to do…   I have to figure out, since I’m told that an UpdateListener isn’t something you can have in an OnClickListener, just where it shoudl go.   I don’t want to test the kind soul at StackOverflow (who may be that second view of my profile, where i call it an elitist snarkhaven) who gave me those directions.

I do appreciate that this gives me a direction in which to go, since there were at least four possible ones (and this person has answered quite a fwe specific questions about animation in Android).

but just as my students don’t have somebody at home they can ask for help for math (which I surely did), if I want to get it done I have to do it.   So back to it…but if I’m still here next Monday I may poke a turtle.

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