Time to go from Indigo to Juno

Posted on October 18, 2014


… yea, the rest of the world is on Luna. I guess it’s probably a good thing that I already made it impossible to use my old environment from this computer except through the flash drive, so I’m not endangering anything. At any rate, I”m at the “takes an hour” part of the downloading all the huge monster files (why I can’t do this on the Transformer) that enable one to pretend to have an android device on a Windows computer.
SharedPreferences have me stumped; all the documentation *seems* to be short and sweet and clear, including the old class notes, but … it won’t work for me. I suspect it’s because in the course notes it says that it is “replacing” doing things with Bundles, but I don’t know which parts to actually erase. I am pretty sure (since when I erased a mess of it, no data went into the preferences) that Bundles still happen to get things into the SharedPreferences.
I can set things up so that the questions are “permanently” saved, which means every time I answer a question, they’re in there forever. And I do mean forever. I’ve totally backed up and re-worked and … the same equation shows up, and I am pretty sure it’s not default values, which means there’s probably a monstrous file of all my questions on my poor flash drive.
Then when I try to make a “clear” button, per the directions, it only clears the list for making the “report” activity; it doesn’t clear the questions. Of course, I don’t know if that was just because the sample activity wasn’t done with actual use in mind, but my attempts to also clear the array have failed.
I asked over at StackOverflow but not even a comment. However, I did “accept” an answer to a previous question (under false pretenses; it was my last uttelry failed attempt to install Eclipse & ADT on this computer. This time I’m doing it in a different folder, though, and following the lynda.com recipe (except that I did 32 instead of 64 bit b/c that’s the JDK it looks for, thank you — and so I must be grateful to the turtle teacher for having emphasized “even if you’re 64, do 32” … even if doing it that way the first time is what makes it impossible to do otherwise.
I also resigned myself to not actually working on the thing — so the dishes are washed and… I”m making a blog post, and then I’ll work on Camtasia things. That’s another post…

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