more about struggling and juggling

Posted on October 15, 2014


So I’m wrestling with my little app… I’ve got it down to basically one or two lines of code that I need to figure out where to put.

I’m following the advice I’d give me if I were a student and I’m walking away when it gets too convoluted… and yes, I walked away and boom! within 3 minutes an idea occurred to me.

I need to check and make sure I’ve done that last “add it to the list,” as well as “get it.”   It’s an error I’m fond of.

When our students are struggling, though, they’ve got a few more of these “errors they’re fond of” and… there’s this exponential thing that happens.   The likelihood of one of ’em happening to make something wrong is pretty good — and if there are five to choose from then … that’s a lot of possibilities.   Juggling the struggling … while walking *and* chewing gum…

Oh, and if they’ve got emotional baggage or outside stressors, it probably acts on ’em just a bit worse than when I”m trying to do this silliness … in the computer lab with students with questions (not busy busy — then I forget everything else entirely).

Which is why, again, we should plan our “struggles” carefully. Struggles that help half of our students might make us feel good… and it’s a tough call because for most of us, the first few zillion times with constructive struggle, we still hate it and ask for it to be over.  How do we know when it’s valid?

welp… I’m going to go back and see if I can figure out how to add this thing to a list…

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