bicycle and math culture?

Posted on October 13, 2014


Ya think about those things on your bike commute in, and I’ve decided it’s not a particularly good match.

It is, however, a fun mental exercise.   The original post implied that it was the cyclists that were like the math teachers, but I tried flipping that.   While our culture doesn’t have a good math infrastructure, fact is that math teachers don’t regularly get killed by people not in math culture and then get blamed for being “in the way” of non-math culture.

On the other hand, folks who struggle with math *do* get their careers completely derailed and get blamed for being “not worthy” of math.   Often, when I tell a tale of a student’s depth of struggle, the comment to follow is some form of, “well, they don’t belong in that course, then!”  or “they don’t belong in college.”

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