Trying.. trying…

Posted on October 10, 2014


So I’ve got more than the usual number of folks with “textbook” learning disabilities.  (Hint:  when the student tells you “I’d multiply 18 x 24” and then the hand writes out the setup for long division for 18/24… )

I’ve had some real success getting some really basic learners to crawl out of procedureville and “get me through the homework,” and into understanding.   When you’ve got 35 pieces of ALEKS pie, though, you’re going to get to where you’re just. too. tired (and do things like write division when you figured out to multiply).   I can’t tell whether it’s exhaustion or old habits (I am pretty sure the LD isn’t that severe) that have ’em not able to think about whether one number is bigger than another.

I wonder about the “game-addiction” aspects of ALEKS, though, because there are folks I’m pretty sure would have given up in any other format who are striving, striving, striving to finish the pie.  It’s all relative — they’ll also get tired and just assume that yes, they’ll be able to do 28 slices of pie in one day… with those little breaks… but they’re trying, really… I have a feeling that several will be deeply, deeply hurt if/when… they don’t pass.  It will seem horribly, horribly unfair.  I can only hope that they’ll come back and give it another try…  It also may be that the drive to get the pieces of pie is really strong… which makes me very inclined not to let my app out of my hands until it works badges and feedback in.

I’ll be spending lots of time with, methinks… (and just as well that it’s Thursdays and Fridays that are really busy

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