actions, not numbers

Posted on October 10, 2014


… so I have shared the student revelation of “it’s an action, not a number — you’re supposed to square it!”  when I implored her not to read 3^2 as “three two”.

A math teacher took it one conceptual step forward — that understanding that exponents are “actions,” not numbers, might help students understand that functions are “actions,” too.

So, looks like I get to go modify my little movie.   I’m semi-seriously considering taking CSC 186 again for a:  the access to the labs upstairs (if I’m enrolled in a class that uses the lab in the classroom, my ID unlocks that door) and b:   to have a blast overdoing the assorted projects. Even the silly bunbite project of taking a zillion pictures… I’d just do my perimeter thing.   It has also been taught since I took it by a different prof, and it’s changed some since 2012 ’cause the technology has changed.   However, it has the same issue as it did then:  it’s taught in the middle of the day… and maybe there will be a course I haven’t taken yet that would get me access and make more sense.  (If it ends up with the same teacher then the poor fellow will be sure I’m stalking him…)

Student quote of the day:   “This makes me not want to eat pie.   I just see it all the time!”   (ALEKS)

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