sTEALING from Students ;)

Posted on October 7, 2014


Ideas, of course!  Stealing ideas!

So 3^2 came up on ALEKS and the student read it as “three  two”   and per my usual (and my mad video — hey, it was from my Animation class, so it’s rank amateur)

… I implored her *not* to read it as “three  two”  but as “three squared,” because… and about the third time, she suddenly said, “right! because the two isn’t a number, it’s an action!”

I *hope* that she shall remember that even more because I repeated it and said I would steal it.   I’ve said (per the movie and otherwise)  that it’s “not a regular number,” but that it was “directions.”   Action works so much better… even if you struggle to remember what “square” means, it gets you away from “two.”

(in other non-news, turtles don’t even seem to be opening emails, tho’ that could be a false reading…)

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