Next Stage Started!

Posted on October 5, 2014


Roughly 75 minutes got me the antepenultimate part of my app structured. That is, I successfully set it up as our class example program and everything worked. Next: to make that do what I want it to do. The class example sent the results of the “quiz activity” to a “report activity.” The report activity made a list of the answers and responses.
I could have it list the problems and the answers… but that’s so old school.
I’d rather have it categorize the problems missed and give some feedback about that.

Okay, what I want to do is to give students the choice of two problems. First three sets will all be basic whole number subtraction, minuend being larger than subtrahend. They’ll all have a one point value. Once three questions have been answered correctly, then a “subtrahend > minuend” problem will be one of ’em, and it’s worth 5 points… maybe 10…
If you click that one and get it wrong, you get no points but you are “shown” the answer on the number line below. You also lose one of your boats (or, perhaps, your boat starts listing… ). When you lose all 3… your game is over and you have to start over with the single point values.

Now, if you get the first “harder” problem right, (maybe: without clicking ‘show me’ but… perchance not, since I want to encourage CHECKING and KNOWING) then your “listing” boat gets a correction! If you click “show me,” then you get one point … up to three points and hten you gotsta try on yer own.

It remains to be seen how long a game like this would take a real human 😉

… oh, and I do want to build in a little animation, especially since that’s part of the course, but in the course it wasn’t integrated into the example app.

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