Posted on October 4, 2014


Okay, really I’m just procrastinating: I’m at the point where I have to Learn Something New for my app, which is to do some thing with the “quiz results. ” As in, the part where I could just — per our instructions — let you click “done” and get a report on your right answers. OR I could make things interesting, and give you a choice of quesitons to answer, marking the one that’s harder, and other things (badges? Do we need any stinking badges? Pieces of pie???) that would motivate/ suck in a student.

So the twitterWorld tells me NCTM has a link that talks about asking “how did you find the area of that rectangle,” and I”m curious so I click. Will I read about a way to enhance understanding instead of cranking out a formula?
Yesterday there was a twitter discussion about joining NCTM that reminded me of what we’d talked about Thursday at the Bike ILlinois! meeting: the challenge of getting people to join associations. So I click through thinking that perhaps I should consider joining.
Well, I don’t see anything at first scan about rectangles, but I see a “if you have trouble with the java of our activities, …” and think ‘cool! There are java activities, let’s see! ” … but I don’t see anything Java on the page.
The main links at the top seem very, very general — links to webcasts and news releases all about that Common Core thing. So, has this link purportedly to something about rectangles been re-routed?
Oh, here’s an activity! “Exploring Exponential Relationships” … there’s one thing that’s for everybody and the other thing says “member only content.”
The activity? “Exploring Proportional Relationships.”
Dear NCTM: if you want to encourage *me* to join, you’re striking out. I have no reason to believe your “members only” materials will be any better, after all.

If the idea was to get me to get back to working on my app, it succeeded. The link’s teaser seemed to be to something about getting *understanding* of area … which I would be interested in. Oops, nothing about that.
Okay, there’s other interesting stuff… oops, the content doesn’t even match the link. Sorry, I’m not going to invest further time there.
Sometimes it seems most of my interactions with “math” websites are about editing and typos… I shall be curmudgeonette Geonz, perhaps? back to my app!

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