Whew… approaching midterm

Posted on September 25, 2014


So… I’m wondering when I will have so much as 7 minutes to actually work on Mooculations… and reflecting that this *is* the absolute busiest time of the year.   Sometime soon, folks will start doing that W thing… or getting more independent (if only because, as today, I inform them that no, I am not going to stand there next to them while they perform each basic algebra step and tell them whether or not they’ve done it right; I’ll guide through new stuff but ).

And unfortunately, when it *is* this busy it’s totally engaging ye olde brain; a five minute break is recovery time, not coding time.

But… worst case scenario is things won’t happen as quickly as I like.   I *think* the pieces are in place and perhaps we’ll have a mad time at the end of the semester…

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