completing the square

Posted on September 15, 2014


… let’s just say it’s absolutely, positively one of those sections where it is a tad challenging to say “where am I going to use this?”  except for my tried and true “well, sometimes you’re going to have to follow complicated procedures carefully, even if they don’t make much sense.”

I actually cornered the teacher of the apps class in his office and showed him my app, which was received favorably.  Comments included him “feeling like a proud father.”   However, this is a day when I hate, loathe and despise my utter inability to read nonverbal cues so as to know whether it would be pestering to, as he suggested, keep him posted. He’s a good teacher and nice person, so he would be inclined to say nice things. The whole tone of voice and body language thing… I shall keep him posted, anyway…

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