New Year’s REsolutions

Posted on August 23, 2014


One of my recurring ones is: keep Resource Room better updated.
Welp, I at least knocked one piece of that off the list: I uploaded “Drill Bits” so that anybody can pull it down now.

“Drill Bits” was a product I sold when I did that on the website. It’s a rather vast collection of word lists based on syllable types that I used with my Orton-Gillingham materials. You see, I had a class I was supposed to babysit … and I had a Franklin Speller. So I’d punch in “*ea* and it would generate all the words in its 83000 word dictionary that had “ea” in them. I’d pluck the ones I wanted (with the right sounds, no confounding issues)… and add them to the list on the HEwlett Packard computer in the classroom.
It annoyed the students a bit that I was being all kinds of productive — but a totally interruptible productive.

At any rate, it is here — a big ol’ PDF

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