Ruminations on administrations.

Posted on August 22, 2014


In the hopefully highly unlikely event that I ever get/have to supervise others… I’d like to remember this: if somebody wants to do something that normally would get an automatic signature… it might be best to let the person do it and then — because you’re so excited about what they did and value them — pick their brains about it afterward. If it turns out to be a lousy idea, *then* you know… and the cost is one trip… except is isn’t, because that person offered to pay for the whole thing, but it requires institutional approval. Either way, the person will think you just might care about his/her ideas.

On the other hand, if you say that while it might be permitted under the negotiated contract: no, don’t apply for that opportunity; s/he needs to make an appointment and justify the trip and go over goals… you are sending a really negative message.

That person will act as if your reaction makes perfect sense, but will recognize that his/her value is questioned at best.

(update:   then that person will talk to a friend who will inform that person of how basically spoiled she’d gotten and that it would kinda stink for the trust of the previous admins to have a bad effect on her impression of the current one.  That person would shelve the irritation.)

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