Third day… busy!

Posted on August 21, 2014


Well, the good thing is that working with students informs me as to what they need … the bad thing is, when it’s busy, it’s not as if I can work on those things to help ’em.   

Another thing not to like about ALEKS:   let’s just dump subtraction right on top of adding negative integers, because new abstractions and concepts are best taught as quickly as possible.   I had a *very* happy moment with a student who listened and put the calculator away for adding integers of different signs, but I”m kinda tempted to approve its use for subtraction.  Hey, you’ve learned to juggle two oranges — next step, four flaming arrows.  What’s your problem? 

Math 070 is better this semester with the online “Connect,” which is the textbook’s “course management” and is reasonably easy to follow.   Grateful I am for the assiduous early and anxious learners who worked through the process, so that when the “Help me!   I’m just confused!” students come in, I can guide them from a much nicer distance, because even though they are *sure* there’s no clue for what they are to do, anywhere, I can get them close enough and then turn it over to them with an appropriately sized “you figure it out” task.   (Today’s quote:   “So, what I have to do is read?” …. yes. And if you use a pencil to help you track under the words, and then underline when you get to teh part that’s “the real directions,” you’ll be able to scan back and find it again later.  If you don’t need to do that, fine…) 

  But… now it’s Thursday, and only a little bit busy.  Time to app… 

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