Is there an echo in here?

Posted on August 17, 2014


Just another example of “No, people are supposed to be terrified of numbers!” on NPR this morning.

4:30 Will Shortz introduces this weeks “number puzzle,” a “not very hard” one, in his words. The puzzle has a six-ring target with assorted numbers that you’d score for hitting it, which I don’t recall. (I think the highest two were 39 and 40.)

You are to figure out a combination of hits that add up to 100.

Linda Wertheimer’s response? She is already finding it impossible.

Now, they probably have a STOOPID policy of “don’t discuss strategies” — why not??? — but wouldn’t it have been better to say “Okay, you could do this by trial and error, or perhaps try to figure out some shortcuts!” … like figuring out some combinations where the last digits will nicely add up to ten… and I’m trying to think of some “whole to part” approaches just because that’s not my natural tendency.

I wonder if any male on the staff would have said the same thing.

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