Posted on August 5, 2014


… but no, things didn’t improve. 

However, my computer at work has not been tainted with updates and … things seem to be actually working.   I even got things like answers from StackOverflow — though the advice was to update everything and … no, that doesn’t work… and my subsequent question didn’t get answers. 

   Unpleasant portent:   walking through halls, the two parent/student interactions I went by were highly negatively charged. “Do you want to … stuff… hotel… or just go?”   “I just want to go!!!”   and the next two people in the open space:  “… de-stress?”  “That won’t help, nothing will help.”  

    Okay, now to see if things work beyond setting up the files… but 3:00-4:00 is for Camtasia.  Now onto what should be an interface, but keeping it simple for now…

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