Posted on August 3, 2014


Perhaps I should refrain from being optimistic.

I shan’t detail the past hours of utter futility — no, not with programming, which I would rather like to learn: just with being able to get the development environment to work, at all. I even resorted to posting a question at Stack Overflow, on the grounds that framing a question sometimes helps me process, anticipating that bunch of total jerks’ responses and figuring it’s time to do a search for a different kind of “help” site.

And… if it takes five hours of “technology recovery” time to get started, well, erm, do I have to block out six hours of time for each one hour of actual working on the project? That sucks hind teat on a barren possum.

… so… three days later, I”m back to where I was: about to *try* to recover two hours’ work. Hmmm… sensible direction: Camtasia. Not to give up on the app, but to recognize that I may be bailing really hard on a sinking ship, and that it would be good to have a real boat to board should I decide to just send it to the bottom of the sea.

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