Divide by zero

Posted on August 3, 2014


My plan Friday was to monitor just how much I got accomplished (y) in (x) minutes so I could wisely prioritize where to invest my time, choosing what wouldn’t get done.

I successfully created an activity: “enter a subtraction problem and click to have it shown on the number line,” and … when I went back to it, “layouts” folder was nowhere to be found. Redo…
I made an extra copy of the day before’s work (being really happy it was basically 2 hours to redo), and figured I’d be more efficient doing it second time and went for a ride… came back and Eclipse couldn’t find the “Android development kit ” at all, so I couldn’t do anything.

Yesterday between bike rides I downloaded absolutely everything. Issues: I didn’t successfully download the “Indigo” version, which was absolutely necessary for class but I shall hope that it was primarily b/c teacher would have had to update his course directions, not that what I’m doing will be incompatible. I couldn’t figure out how to take Eclipse downloaded and then add the Android stuff; I am pretty sure I got Eclipse Luna with both.

So… if I graphed my progress, it would be a vertical line… or a non-function crawling back on top of itself. Hope I get better at the program management stuff.

I shall take this as a sign: I’ll henceforth take notes on steps for when I have to redo, which will hopefully also lend itself to improving my design by doing things more like writing with drafts and outlines and what have you. I shall probably also print out those notes (tho’ that’s most likely to be lost)… and no, I don’t know where the flash drive wiht the current versions went to but I’m sure when I get back to the office and unpack all the stuff that we threw into boxes for getting the carpeting and painting done, that it will show up, I hope.

I tell students who lose files because they didn’t back things up thoroughly that it’s a lesson most people have to learn the hard way, so it’s best that they learn it “the hard way” with something like a one page essay… but to *learn* from it and keep moving forward.

Moving forward, I hope…

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