Bicycle focus

Posted on August 3, 2014


So… after those hours getting back to where I could start to re-do things, I couldn’t even get the code to format right to make the text string to tell the person to enter numbers.
I went for a ride, against my policies for August Midday but it wasn’t too sunny or hot, and as the heart rate went up, the bike had a little talk with me. Remember when you were just getting strong and you’d go out with faster riders? And how when you were getting all nervous about Being Able To Keep Up, you didn’t ride very well? But when you decided that of *course* they were going to leave you behind, but you knew your way home, and you might as well ride a few miles as well as you could… that your focus and form improved, the extraneous tension lifted, and … you fit right in?
(I don’t know how the bike remembered, since I was riding the bike I bought in 2012 and that stuff happened in ’08 or so…)
So, couldn’t you apply that thinking to this Eclipse task? THis *does* mean putting more time into other resources since yes, it’s a fact that it’s going backwards and might never work… but it also means really focusing on *moving forward* as opposed to “nothing seems to be working!”
Yes, it’s all about trying to make a struggle productive and constructive… like that math stuff students will be tackling this last week of summer courses.
Okay, Eclipse, let’s get on the mat and wrestle. I’m gonna take ye down…

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