Reusability Time

Posted on August 1, 2014


So. I have a working app that will do the three things I wish it to do on a horizontal number line.

I can let the student slide a slide bar back and forth to “see” subtraction on a number line.
I can present the student with an equation on the number line and ask the student to write in the numbers. There are two levels: one of ’em the students really just have to copy the numbers from the display; once they’ve answered a couple of ’em right, the numbers to copy disappear, but there is still a “show me!” option which takes the person back to the slider thingy — which is kinda unnecessary but I wanted to apply the “send things from one activity to the other” skill.

Third one is that the students can enter a problem and it will show up on the number line, but without the numbers showing, so they don’t get the answer, though the “difference” is shown (as it is on the other displalys).

The display needs some serious tweaking so that it’s clear what the silly rectangles mean.

I also need to do a vertical version. A significant number of students will understand “how much higher” in its literal sense better than how much further to the right.

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