the rules, the rules

Posted on July 30, 2014


Overhearing a discussion of why student can’t get the math.  Friend says, “that’s why you’re not getting it! You have to go in order!”  But… she’s getting some right, then when moves forward, can’t apply.   Then: “Can’t remember all the rules!” 

     Couple things seem to be happening:   “getting it” is defined by getting some questions right .   Nothing like “it finally clicked!”   Just … got enough questions right …   I am willing to wager that there are one or two key (predictable) misconceptions that are causing the kerfuffle. 

    Sigh.  THe other unrelated thing happening is that i cannot seem to find a way to get my App Workspace in the same place as a working Eclipse at the same time for a solid week… 

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