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Posted on July 23, 2014


… tomorrow I think I shall try to get off line for a chunk of the day and see if the INternet survives without me… and whether I can get more done. mentions that the school board there has voted to take ALEKS out of middle school math, with the subheading that it’s “gone for good.” It will be replaced with textbook resources.
Interesting. I’d love to know what the source of the decision that it should not exist at all in the school was. I’m wondering if seventh graders were being told by ALEKS that they had 83 activities to master that week (as some of our students have been told, based on their performance on the ‘assessment’)… or if it weren’t shining a nasty light on some deficits (not that it is appropriate at all for dealing with student deficits, with its entirely procedural framework).
Or, perhaps, was ALEKS imposed on the school by an individual or small group of enthusiasts (under the influence of sales reps) and the teachers and/or parents demanded they get their curriculum back?
I should be grateful not to know, I suppose 😉
I have a presentation about Perimeter almost to scripting for Camtasia… it’s *just* about perimeter. 20 slides. Okay, perhaps *now* is the time to see how quickly I can crank out an animated GIF for “perimeter is what I know… round and round and round we go!”

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