Posted on July 18, 2014


I’m impressed with the software and the response/customer service.
Okay, it doesn’t have a whiteboard so I can’t actually draw out stuff … but that just inspires me to give that Livescribe thing another shot.
The forums went down yesterday… I sent them an email after a few hours. The two or three people who go there didn’t… but they had ’em up and running in a fairly short time.
One of the features I really like (d) was that each post had “relates to:” at the bottom, with a direct link to the problem in question. It’s gone now… but I sent another email and they’re looking into it.
I am going to try to get facile with the LIvescribe and uploading things. (Operative word: try…) It would be better than awesome if I could just write and talk and upload. (Erp… according to the ads, if I sprang for the expensive one with wifi…)

Nope. Nope. I just this hour paid for an upgrade to my Camtasia and really the next Gadget of Choice is going to be a Limefuel battery (but I need to decide which size). I have too many gadgets that I underuse (I just charged up the GoPro, tho’). And gee, with camtasia I could possibly just as easily make a youtube video of whatever I was trying to do. Hmmm…. there we go…

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