udacity, indeed

Posted on July 18, 2014


I’ve been enjoying the “wait time” messages on the Udacity courses… things like “contemplating banana bread recipes” and “reloading the ditto fluid for the mimeograph machine” (I used a hand crank one, did you?)

I’m thinking that it’s a “WordPress” thing since now this blog has less original ones happening, and if I paid I could make ’em up. Hmmm….

The forum for the course I “enrolled” in went down today. After a few hours, I clicked through the “support” … and got a thank-you for letting them know, and things were back up and running by the time my bike meeting ended.

Observations: The forums for these classes aren’t used much, and … people don’t holler when they’re down.
Hypothesis: if you added live support people on the forums and … people knew they were there… you might get amazingly better results.

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