The Way Your Teacher Told You

Posted on July 1, 2014


I tentatively attempt to do The NExt Thing in the App of Doom, which is to have a “show me!” button for the integer problem that will go back to the “watch the subtraction!” activity (which right now has no animation, but I have dreams).   

I meticulously broke it down into one.   teeny.   test.   of.   every.   step.   

Anjanowut?   YES.   When I click on just “show me!” it shows me the original way (even though I have set it up to Have Things IMposed From Afar)… and when I click back with the “putExtra” to tell it *not* to start at zero, after all, it puts the little slider where I told it to!   

(I did minimal logginess, though… and somewhere WAY BACK is a place where I’ve got five red lines in the console for “spurious commands” from “unknown input.”   Hoping it doesn’t hurt me later… ) 

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