Decimated Decimals

Posted on June 27, 2014


Hmmm… while I’m working on my Tone of Voice, I should prob’ly do the same for the tone of my digital communications.

A poster plopped onto Facebook with pictures of foods and their prices; the salad was $4.99 and a burger and a coke were each labeled as “.99” cents.

I felt compelled to contact the source and let ’em know of that little error and I got mansplained — nice of me to have “missed the point” of the poster and focus on the decimals.  I replied that clearly feelings had been hurt … and that the poster and response informed me that their concern was hype and spin, not truth…  it reminds me of certain educational resources that gosh, why should they be **perfect** and we should just stop being haters…

Perhaps next long bike ride I’ll ponder feedback per which considers the relationship between “feedback” and “evaluation.”   My initial email about the decimal was a straight-out “you said .99cents which would be less than a penny.”   Clearly this was interpreted as An Evil Evaluation.

… but enough of that.   Time to put in the Daily HOur of AppWork… and to strive to figure out a way to get to it more efficiently..  update:   50 minutes adn I have level 1 and 2 and 3 … but now I have to figure out how to get ’em to change levels…

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