“FrontRow” MOS

Posted on June 23, 2014


   When I stumble across a new program for “differentiated math instruction” (always, ALWAYS Aligned To The Common Core)… just gotta give it at least a brief once-over. 

    http://www.frontrowed.com is today’s.   I really like the option to click for a sketchpad so you can draw on the screen. I also like the “virtual manipulatives” for what they are, but I’m not sure they’re really “virtual manipulatives,” since I jumped in at a fairly advanced level.   I hope that at the more basic levels, they’ve got more “pictorial” and less abstract and symbolic things to manipulate.   THat said, having circles labeled “100,” “10,” “1”, “.1” and the like to manipulate is a very nice thing. 


    It would seem that the “instructional” approach is the same as ALEKS:   Here is a problem.  

    Click for the explanation of the procedure to get the right answer to this problem.   (It’s the same video for all the problems like that.)   Granted, unlike ALEKS, a person reads you the explanation and writes things out, but it’s still: procedure, procedure, procedure.   

     Math?  That’s a whole lot of these procedures that you have to figure out how to do. That’s what “concept” means in math, right?  


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