a note about Makin’ Stuff.

Posted on June 5, 2014


Yes, I entered the #WorksWonders contest for Doing Educational Things with Microsoft Office. 

It was almost a no-brainer, because yes, I figured out that powerpoints and narrated powerpoints work well for my students — especially with a little bit of animation thrown in.   Turning them into YOuTube videos — not so good, since you lose  any animation on the slides, and I didn’t figure out how to do the old-school “frame by frame” animation by setting slides to “automatic” and setting them a tenth of a second apart (which, if I remember from CSC 186: 2D Animation, is how long the typical retina holds an image).   

    So, yes, I was in the process of making one — so I could even be totally honest and say *today* I did this!  

    Reading the fine print on the contest, I realized that it might not have been so easy if I didn’t have librarians for friends.   At my scale of creation — stuff for me and my students, in-house and educational-purposes — it would have been easy to say “oh, I’ll grab an image from online and put it here.”   It took extra time to either make sure I got “public domain” images and things through Creative Commons… or to make my own.   The discerning viewer will recognize a distinctive lack of “artistic” skills — but I do the best I can and figure it’s its own “primitive hi-tech” genre.   

    It was gratifying to skim through that fine print and know I didn’t have to worry about that.   If I should perchance win, it will be so worth having done things The Slow Way … and if not, it’s still worth it.   (It’s also gratifying to have a job where I have time to do it The Slow Way. If I were still K-12-ing… ) 

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