Back Float III

Posted on June 2, 2014


Somebody  clicked on my “like a back float” post from 2011. 

I didn’t think about that when I was having my mad struggles in Lab 5 of Java II, but it is yet another reason to consider the value of “struggle” carefully.   

When somebody’s trying to learn a back float and gets scared, they tend to curl up and roll over; exactly what doesn’t work for staying afloat. 

When somebody’s trying to learn a new math concept and they get scared… the same kinds of things happen.  

In both cases, *sometimes* it’s fine to leave somebody to their own devices.   I might (and have) figure out a way to try not tocurl up for longer and longer…

On the other hand, if it’s in a math class… while I’m trying to sort through my heebie-jeebies, the rest of the class sails on.   You bet I’m going to grab whatever I can to survive, and nail more deeply in my psyche the notion that I *need* to do that, since I’m not one of those people who can do math.

I think some kinds of cooperative activities are utterly awesome ways to manage this…  and now I’m going back to the App of Negativity to make sure I’m applying “like a back float” principles there… so that students can get closer to being able to do 50 meters of backstroke, no sweat 🙂   (I did a whole lot better with the “belly against the wall” than my brief stint with a pool where they used floaties…)    

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