Newt Time!

Posted on May 30, 2014


Feeling like a newt who’s laid eggs in several ponds.

Just posted my narrated powerpoint about “finding perimeter with parts and wholes” to  … 

… haven’t looked at the App of Doom in 2 days…

… have only started thinking about the planning for a Java version of the same kind of thing (but excited thinking because I have finally transcended the “I can learn a little but I don’t know enough to make it useful,” though probably only as far as “I’ll be able to *know* what I need to do, but not necessarily how to do it…”  

… I’m at the top of the “leaderboard” in a MOOC about “Designing for Data”  that’s in a pretty fun course design

… oh, and my tabs tell me… I still need to upload my notes from the conference, which could simply be a matter uploading the link to the page where I put it all 🙂   

   Unfortunately the newt metaphor doesn’t hold up.   If I don’t go back to the ponds periodically… *I* won’t dry up, and the eggs won’t hatch by themselves, and these projects are k-selective (have few offspring and take care of it so high percentage survive), not r-selective (lay a million eggs and hope a few survive) so they need nurturing.   

   Still, I’ll have one more week of relative quiet before vacation (and I’ve downloaded Androidy stuff to the Transformer, so I might just be a geeky coder out riding my bike…) … I s’pose I simply have a lot of pots on different fires, though I like metaphorical newtiness better. 

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