oh, those anecdotes!

Posted on May 13, 2014


I’m afraid I can’t say “I told you so.”  Or maybe it’s a good thing that I did already. 

So this student who’d run to the calculator for even the most basic integer addition was recognizing … yea, they were hard… when fractions had managed to get easier with the ton of practice.  I mentioned that this was the price of having relied on the calculator, and alas, the test was going to have gobs of questions in the “no calculator” section where that was supposed to be a skill mastered. 

Except with some serious, focused practice over the weekend, it would seem the basic stuff is making sense now.  

This begs the argument that the student was freed to focus on the other concepts when not burdened by the integers, and now that the other stuff is fairly well mastered, and comprehended, then the integer stuff is more of a logical extension of previous knowledge instead of ONE MORE BUNCH OF RULES.   (THis particular student benefits from mastering the smaller steps; they don’t fall off the table when the next thing comes along). 

Welp… I think I will still be a tad firmer in my future urging of students to put the calculator down for -6 + 1… and I’ll get going on that app of doom, maybe even now… (the final for that class opened half an hour ago, but we’ve got 24 hours to do it). 

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