The first hurdle didn’t get me…

Posted on May 11, 2014


I’m trying to apply the “how to make an android app” to the App of Doom, and yes, as soon as it got ugly at all it crashed and burned.

However. It “only” took about an hour to convince myself this was not the end of things, to (hooray!) figure out how to use the “debugger,” which is huge, to find the rookie mistake and get that part to work.   I refuse to disclose how much of the hour was spent on each part.

I read that Oracle won the latest court battle and *does* have copyright over API stuff that Android uses. Wondering how that will affect these efforts.

Update:   51% done.   Will push through one more video.   Alas, no work done on presentation, though. Will use LiveScribe tomorrow if it’s not too busy.

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