Final week of classes

Posted on May 4, 2014


… I’ve got my last lab done and I think it’s a full credit job, but that means that I was frustrated enough by the app of doom to abandon that, since grade-wise and knowledge-wise, the last lab is simply practice of known skills.   I saw several spots where I could have (as I did in the previous lab) challenged myself to improve on the basic requirements… but I do intend to go back to the app in question.  Fortunately, I have the resources to keep working on it after due date — I want a working app! — but … unfortunately, I really don’t know if those resources are enough to enable me to make it happen.  We shall see.

Not until I’ve shared our portfolio assignment, though.   Students get an exam grade for the following, and I rather like it for most students…


Look through your portfolio at the work you have done in units 1-4 to answer the following questions… (details about how to submit)

1.  FInd samples of your work that demonstrate your mastery of the following course content goals. FOr each, clearly identify which work sample you have chosen, and write 1-2 sentences explaining how this example demonstrates your mastery of the topic.

a:  organizing and analyzing data from a survey or research study.

b.  Using graphs and tables to analyze and solve a problem.

c. Writing and graphing a linear equation to analyze and solve a problem.

d. Writing and graphing an exponential equation to analyze and solve a problem.


2.   Find samples of your work that best represent each of the following.  FOr each, clearly identify which work sample you have chosen, and write 1-2 sentences explaining why you chose this particular example.

a.  An example that demonstrates your ability to solve a difficult problem and to explain your reasoning.

b. An example of your work on a topic or assignment that you really enjoyed.

c. An example of a problem that you found difficult, and asked for help on.

d.  An example of a problem on a graded assignment that you got wrong, and corrected after it was returned by the instructor.

e. An example of an assignment that represents your best work mathematically.

3.  Write a paragraph (minimum of 5 sentences) evaluating how well you have demonstrated the ability to use technology to help you solve a problem in this course. Give examples.

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