The Khan Academy Experience, continued

Posted on April 28, 2014


I’m evaluated “OERs” — open educational resources — at   It’s a pretty awesome site and idea — share good sites, and evaluate them and share the knowledge.

I found a pretty nifty lesson on area and perimeter, and was pretty happy at how Sal Khan presented area with color pictures with tiles that clearly showed what area *means,* not just “length times width.”

Then it got all “typical Khan Academy.”   We were treated to a video showing that if a rectangle were 12 square meters – with its little tiles filling up the space — we could figure out the area of that same rectangle in “fungles,” which were twice as big, and note that the area then was 4. Okay, no rhyme nor reason added to why that should be, but… no harm no foul.  Kinda neat to think about “bigger units, fewer tiles,” though it’s bringing in– typical Khan Academy — concepts years ahead of the rest of the lesson since at twice the length, the square units will take up four times as much room.

The real “typical,” though was that then we were to do problems in figuring out area.  All our examples were either rectangles or assemblages of square tiles; all right angles.   Our questions included triangles. Oh, and … then we were given exercises in applying the distributive property to figuring out areas… and *after that,* we were to watch a video explaining it.

That’s right:   watch this video, then take a quiz… on material that hasn’t been covered.  Then have the quiz come before the video explaining the next concept.

It’s okay, it’s only got a few million dollars’ funding — you can’t expect things like attention to such incredibly picky detail!  It’s free!  It’s … no, kiddies, I can’t call this world class, though the colored tiles are a huge plus.

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