Focus! FOcus!

Posted on April 26, 2014


(yea, one of those F words…)

It’s closing in on the end of the semester… it’s Saturday but no bicycle ride because it’s Illinois Marathon day. I didn’t go out and holler at runners, even (the route’s a few blocks away).   

My attempt at an app… well, I abandoned hope of getting anything to work and simply plowed through the notes, typing them up as if they worked and as if I were making something similar.   The sample project has a display of a line, and students are to identify the slope and intercept, and we learn how to get the parts of hte app to save the data and display so that if you go back and forth from one activity to another you don’t lose stuff. 

I’m not even on the playing field in the game; I’m sort of on the bench, watching, with diagrams… I spent much more time doing extra stuff to Lab Ten in the Java course because that is something where you work at the thing and get results. 

but  I was granted full credit for my submission, wherein I explained that no, this didn’t work, but my plan was to just go all the way back to project 2 and move forward through the process again but focus on getting things to work…

 it’s an “I see what you did there’ moment (to use a trendy phrase that I hope doesn’t go the overused way of “EXACTLY!”…) … i’d figured it was time to decide whether or not to drop the course, since it seems highly unlikely I”ll be able to have a working app… my submission really *was* essentially typing his notes in and substituting “subtraction” for “slope,” with my inner marveling at how cool this could be if it actually did work…


I suppose I could still drop the course, with a 100% average…  but if he’s going to give me a hunnert percent, welp… I’m going to give as close to a hunnert percent as I can, which means going in Tuesday with the kinds of questions that have answers.   I need to create and gather the pieces to the puzzle so that I can get help putting them together in fact, not just in theory. 

Also means really trying to understand how Eclipse works with this Android stuff! 

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