86 again~

Posted on April 11, 2014


I’ll see at two when answers get posted which ones I missed… will they be the ones I wasn’t sure of? 

Yes, I was thinking of recursiveness on the ride home, too 😉   More, though, of the niftiness of a teacher working to make challenging content accessible; not easier in the long run, but accessible.   How often are the “predictable rough spots” used as ways to weed people out who might be ready, willing and able to Learn Hard Stuff if provided an arrow down a traversible path?   How often is there a problem where the solutions to easy versions of it can be achieved through paths that have big, hairy misconception traps along the way — so by the time we get to the problems that need the right conceptual construct, we have to tear down the one we built because we were left to our own devices to “struggle” and figure things out? That’s fine for the sturdy folks  who have already been taught to  recognize that sometimes you need to do that, but in math, in our current educational culture, it also translates into “for the easy ones the rule is this, for the hard ones … well, I can never remember how to do those, They change the rules. Fortunately I can get a C doing it my way for the easy ones.”

Now to tackle the struggle of Lab 9 🙂   


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