build, build, build

Posted on April 4, 2014


When I’m working away at a program, I tend to talk to it. With my fingers.   I try to remember to clear ’em out… but at the bottom of Lab 8 was // build build build, a note reminding myself to be constructive *especially* when I was frustrated…  grateful it was one of my more constructive comments left there for all the world to see (tho’ I’m pretty sure he skims right past the green comments ) 😉

Today I had several folks struggling with linear equations, slopes and x and y intercepts and I realized that these are like exponents in that we can go much too quickly from what it means to how to figure it out.  When he was told to plot y = 2x, he had plotted 0, 2 and 2, 0.

I’m afraid that my attempt to explain the equation as a relationship only worked a little (I suggested x could be the number of whole-bodied humans in a room, and y would be the number of legs.)   Since some times he’d plotted graphs by starting with the intercept and using the slope, switching off to plotting a point from a table meant he swapped y and x.   After all, he’d just gone “up two, over one” when the slope was two.   Now, he’s supposed to switch?

Methinks some solid time spent building points and slopes would be useful… but that woudl be somewhere around app #11…


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