Spring is here!

Posted on March 30, 2014


Got out Friday, our spring break long weekend (as “professional staff,” I’m in the office M-Th), and got in a 25 mile ride in hte 40’s.  Today started at 29 but should be up in the 50’s and there’s a ride at 2:00 supposed to be 12-14 mph…I’ll take the fast bike just in case (andbecause I didn’t Friday, the wind picked up big time and I was toast for the slog home into it!  Wondering how I’m contemplating Calvin’s Challenge and 12 hours when 2 hours cooked my goose… but we’ll see.  MIght also train without committing … )

     Each commute in I’m reminded of how superficial the lip service the U of I gives to cycling infrastructure is.   The “bike route” on their plan… has construction blocking it completely for more years than usually comes between revising plans. It doesn’t matter that it can’t be used- what matters is that it Looks Good On Paper.   An academic thing, you know… 

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