The UnFun Struggle

Posted on March 27, 2014


It’s not having as deleterious effect as before, prob’ly because I’ve had the good sense to get up and ride my bike or jog around the parking lot when the frustration gets toxic, but I’m getting a handle on discerning when “struggle” is Not A Good Thing in this class I’m taking.

To wit:   I’m meticulously following the directions — but also trying to understand them.   I’m told to change a file name from main to interact. Then I’m told to make a new class in my program — and following the directions exactly, I get errors because… it refers to a file called main, which of course doesn’t exist any more.

So… good struggle would be being able to fix things because I found out where the problem was.

Bad struggle is when the basic principles that I’m supposed to learn to use in my struggle — like you don’t change a file name that you’re going to refer to with the old name later — are “wrong.”    Do I question the directions?  Do I question my program — which got full credit in its most recent submission?  How can I constructively analyze what’s happening?

Fortunately I am a big fan of automaticity and it’s 2:00 on a very quite day in the almost empty computer lab ( it is spring break after all)… so I can start over and at least get practice (towards automaticity) at the parts I know … well, except I don’t really *know* that this is good practice because part of this might be totally wrong.    Yes, you can tell me that students shouldn’t come for help “dejected” when they haven’t done their detective work, but the tools for detecting I’ve been given are breaking apart in my hands. Kindly tell me how to handle them better or give me a task better suited to the tools I have!

(Update:  so the next line in the directions says “Note that this process also created a default main.xml for our layout and menu.”  Welp, it didn’t.  But at least now I know that’s the problem…)

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