Productive Struggles

Posted on March 24, 2014


   So… I just managed to re-work “Lab 5” and it’s Doing All The RIght THings. (Okay, I need to get the file that says how to fit the pictures in the square, but that is cut and paste when I find it.) 

    (Unfortunately my “deal with self” was that I’d make a beer run if I was done by 8:00… and it took ’til 9. Oh, well, I don’t need the calories;))

   I honestly wonder whether or not simple endorphins were the difference. I had a lot less trouble keeping a positive frame of mind — but that could have also been simply because I didn’t get as lost. At 3:00 I went for a bike ride during which I figured out and then “studied” how to re-work my chessboard  so that it wasn’t just ” a panel,” but an array of squares, each with their little name, that could sit in one place and be played with from afar. (I’ll find the teacher’s solution tomorrow, too, and see whether or not he did that.) 

    Tomorrow will be a day for evaluating Open Educational Resources and plowing through the Android Apps lessons… and waiting for … yes… another bit of snow.   


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