Posted on March 13, 2014


The Midterm has passed, and so have most of the students in the quarter-versions of the math courses.   The classes were broken into quarters so that students could start over earlier and not have as high a credit-hour cost… it made that last week a little crunchier but it does mean they’ve got That Quarter In The Bank.   

Means it’s temporarily quieter here (especially since they ran out of books for the second half)… which helped me get “lab 7” at least working… but I’m afraid that I have no reason to believe my struggles with lab 5 did anything but mean I had to basically forget all that and pretend it didn’t happen, and work with my knowledge base before that lab, and *try* to fuse in the stuff that should have integrated but exploded instead.   It’s the “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — unless it breaks you down” thing that is why you’re only supposed to add N% to your workout to get in shape.  Yes, the converse to it is “you can do more than you think you can, so you should push harder than you want to,” but it’s a balance. 

Can technology help teachers figure out that zone of proximal development?   There’s so much more to it than “how quickly did you spew the right answer!” especially when question construction, and sequence, is awfully important.   Tossing in new this that *and* the other … cognitive slumgullion… 

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